Special Thanks

Tangled Lights Productions would not be possible without the help of:

Damian and Stacy Wilhelm for letting me do this show on their house.

Kayla Wilhelm for programming assistance.

Stefani Wilhelm for computer editing and visual recording.

Damian Wilhelm and Ryan Huseman for building sets.

Jeremiah Zepeda, Zack McGuire, Michael Matthews, and Stacy Wilhelm for Technical support.

Kayla Wilhelm, Clara and Adelina Ohmes for recording.

Tim Gallegos for audio editing.

Stacy, Damian, Stefani, and Kayla Wilhelm, Trinten Baber, Kelton Harbison, Daunte McCray, Joanna Summerlin, Luke Rickwartz, Dustin, Laura, Sailyr, and Marina Schultze for set up.

Damian, Stacy, Stefani, and Kayla Wilhelm, Daunte McCray, and Makayla Acker for take down.

Michael Matthews, and Michele Ronquillo for website support and advertisement.

And Stacy, Stefani, and Kayla Wilhelm for advertisement.

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